LiveJournal Polls

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Just a simple little community for posting, linking to, and discussing LiveJournal Polls.

Most any subject is tolerable, just try not to be annoying:

  • Posts containing polls or images should be kept short*, or simply hidden behind an <lj-cut> tag.

  • Polls should be <lj-poll>'s whenever possible. If you have a free account, try to get a friend to make one for you.

  • When linking to a poll, link to the poll itself or the post that contains it. Do Not simply link to the journal.

  • When linking to another community or to some off-site web-page, keep it on-topic. Also, keep it to a minimum.. this isn't community_promo.

  • When crossposting a poll, something else which should be kept to a minimum, do not create mutiple polls. Instead, create one single poll and post links to it in your crosspostings.

  • Quiz Results, surveys, and other memes are off-topic and will most likely be insta-deleted by the moderator.

  • Any post that may be considered inappropriate or not-work-safe should be hidden behind an <lj-cut> tag.

  • Particularly rude, offensive, or inappropriate content may be deleted at the moderator's discresion.

  • And most importantly: if the moderator asks you to do something, like add an lj-cut to a post, do it. Otherwise, he'll probably end up deleting your post.

Useful Tips

  • Read the LJ FAQ.

  • Try to avoid "quote marks" when making your poll. They tend to mess things up. If you really want quote marks, use a 'single quote' ''twice''.

  • Remember, you don't need to use the Poll Creator, but it's there.

* = Rule Of Thumb for Keeping Your Post Short: If it's more than 1 screen tall at a resolution of 1024x768, it's too big, escpecially if it's just a poll. Put an <lj-cut> on that!